Best shift for a new CNA?

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Hi all! By reading several threads it sounds like just about every shift is very busy. Is there any advice as to what shift is the most favorable one for a brand new CNA? I know there's going to be a learning curve, just as there is with any new job. I'm ready to dive right in, but if there's a shift that is better to "ease into", I'd really like to know which one it is. Thank you for any advice!! :D

I agree with those who said 2nd shift. I worked 1st shift when I first started and it was a horrible experience for me. I felt rushed to get everyone to breakfast in an hour. It was very stressful. I picked up a PM shift one night and it was so much more relaxed that I asked to transfer when there was an opening. For new CNAs I recommend 2nd shift.

2nd shift, somtimes they will pay you as much as night pay,somtimes not

Well... I work in a hospital... it's Days or Nights. Twelve hour shifts/ that's it. I start at 6:15 am and leave at 6:45pm. No way in the world could I work a night shift even though it is MUCH quieter.

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Ok I haven't read the other posts yet but I am going to assume you have replies saying every shift is best. Its about personal preference. I for one hate midnights. I get tired, grouchy and am just plain no good at sleeping when the suns out. Some like it though. Day shift, its ok. Days are busy as you have two meals to pass, several showers, activities etc etc. Its not bad though, and goes by quickly. Its been my experience that days can be more stressful though as the Administration is there, the doctors are more likely to be there, and the nurses seem more stressed out on days.

My "niche" is the 2-10 shift. The residents are up already, you go in do your first check/toileting, do any showers you have left to do, take pts to any activities, get them to supper, after supper you get them ready for bed, do your charting, take out linens & trash, stock, do last bed check and go home. The nurses seem more relaxed and willing to help when/if they can, the residents are also more... awake(?). I dont know, it just works better for me. Ive worked every shift on every floor of our facility, and i prefer 2-10 and have a floor I prefer too but as long as its 2-10 I dont mind any of the floors.

Work a few of each shift, get a feel for what works for you and go from there. Good luck!

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