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best pharmacology book for nclex review


im having a hard dealing with pharmamacology ever since i was a student..

now im taking nclex..

can somebody please recommend the best pharma book for nclex review?

thanks guyz..

i like Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards: Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses .

I like "Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy!"

I also have the Mosby Memory Notecards and it is pretty good. The pictures and the way it is organized makes learning drugs easier.

I am having a terrible time trying to learn all the pharma for the nclex-pn... what are the best review books and which meds or categories of meds do they focus on most? do they use brand or generic names or both? mostly side effects or contraindications? what percentage of the nclex is pharma? thanks!:bluecry1:

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