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I have a BSN and want to start an online FNP program for flexibility and would like to continue working at least part-time if not full-time. Do not mind traveling to school site once or twice a semester. I also want a program where the faculty is supportive and doesn't try to 'weed-out' the students. I have researched and narrowed down the list, i.e., University of Southern Indiana, St. Joseph's Univ. Maine, University of North Dakota, University of Missouri and University of Las Vegas. St. Joseph's is appealing since it can be self-paced but it is also costly, $600/cr. hour. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. :)

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One school you haven't mentioned but might want to consider is Frontier. They have a FNP program ( and CNM an WHCNP) that is all distance for the didactic and clinicals are done in your area. Full time would be two years, or three gets for part time. You go to Campus twice. Once for orientation before you start classes- that's a 3 day orientation. Them, once a year later before you start clinicals, and that is for 8 days.

I am in their CNM program and am enjoying it. They ate helpful, want you to succeed and they foster a sense of community between you and your classmates.

Their website shows that if you do the FNP program full time it is a total cost of 24,795 (3100 per term-each terms 12 weeks-total of 8 terms to graduate) For part time, it is 11 terms, total cost of 27,075-2460 per term. Financial aid/loans are available.

Website is Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing - Midwifery and Family Nursing Education - Become a Certified Nurse Midwife or Family Nurse Practitioner

Good luck with your decision


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Thank you for the info. I will check out their program. Have a great weekend. Cynthia


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I have applied to Clarkson College for Spring. I should hear something this coming week as they met and sent out letters already. I so hope to get in there. I have found through my application process that those schools that do not require the GRE have to look at and stress other areas to decide on who to admit. One used every course I had ever taken since high school graduation to determine my GPA even though my GPA at my BSN school is 3.67. They also had only 25 places for 50 applicants, so not all schools look at the same things. I hope Clarkson didn't have lots of applicants and stresses the essay and my BSN GPA. I have taken the GRE although it isn't needed. I did my BSN online, and it is the best and only way to go for me. Wish me luck. Luck to you too. Barinbass

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You're on the right track in thinking about USI and ISU. They are good, cheap and no nonsense. The waiting lists to get in, however, are another story.

As far as support, faculty are very supportive at both. As a graduate of both, I offer a word of caution: be ready to hit the floor running or the program will run you over. Between clinic, theory and skills you're looking at a good 40-50 hours per week in the last year of the program, not to mention study time. The first year, however, can be broken up into two years, but the last has to be taken as a three semester deal, starting with Pt. assessment in the summer.


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Graceland University (Lamoni, IA) has a great online program. You'll go to campus 2-3 times depending on if you prefer to defend your research by webcam or in person (most people do webcam). The staff is supportive. The program is very informative and helpful. I did my clinicals locally and they were very supportive in the fact that I'm very rural and some of their regulations weren't feasible with my situation. They worked with me a lot to ensure my success.


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I'm ready to run!! In process of applying right now. Just contacted the Dean of alma mater, St. Petersburg College (BSN). They are on board. Just finished my Goal Statement and now have to clean up my Resume, then submit all. USI, University of North Dakota and University of Missouri are my top three choices. :nurse:


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Thank you for the info on Graceland. I check them out as well. They sound like they are supportive and I like that.


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Hi I'm in the ISU FNP program. Just looking for others in the program.



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How is your ISU program going?


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Red2... Hello I recently just goat accepted into ISU program... Can you please give me some feedback or words of advice??? I have yet to meet someone who went thru the program... Thanks it would be really appreciated!!!:)


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2content4u, how was the isu program?