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What has been your best offer to work OT or agency?

About 2 weeks ago I turned down $65/hr from my staffing agency to work 11-7. Why? I had just finshed 2 12 hour shifts for HH agency in the heat wave, I was crashing hard at 9:45 pm when they begged me to come in at 11p.

I thought that was good, but today was unbelieveable! My agency called while I was at work in my HH job, and left a message w/ my hubby, asking me to work for ...hold onto your hats...$182/hr!!! As the only nurse in a peds unit with 2 pt's. I missed the boat, since I wasn't home, naturally someone took that bait fast! But I called to be sure my hubby got the message right, and it was true!

I haven't worked in peds since about 1996, and all my peds exper is in an open heart unit, where I never even had to start an IV, since we always had anesthesia around to put in pedi lines, and kids were all lined up in the ICU post-op anyway. So, I am not sure they could have gotten me there for all the tea in China anyway. What if I had 4 admits? Needing IV's?

Would you have talken that bait even if you felt rusty in peds or weren't sure of your peds ability? I told my husband, hey, it would cost me waaaaay more if I was sued, than I could make for one shift! Hey thinks I would have been NUTS to turn it down. I'm just glad they didn't try me on my cell phone, I may have been too tempted!!

That's a lot of money but I would feel very uncomfortable as the only nurse, even if there were only 2 pts. What if you did get more admits would you have still been alone? It would depend on how sick they were. What kind of Peds unit was it?

I work ER so I take care of sick kids but the really sick ones we send out.

There must be a reason they would be paying that kind of money and that would make me suspiciuos enough to say no.

It's getting scary out there boys and girls. I'd be too concerned for my license. What if... OOO I got goose bumps. If nurses could really stick together we'd be better off. Someone made a comment the other day that if we were considered the same as police, fire and teachers we'd have a much better job environment and retirement. Gee, what do they all have in comman...UNION:eek:

I'm in a union:D . But I would have jumped on $182/hr in a NY minute. I guess I'm just a mercenary. G-man

I would have thought for about a second and then went for it. My pedi is 8 years on a full-service pedi floor and 2 years pedi ICU, so maybe I am a little more secure.

Our hospital is paying bonuses depending on the number of hours you work. Not only is it OT but you get an additional $7 to $11 and hour.They said it is cheaper than paying agency. Most of us sign up for one shift extra a week.. I do 12 hours...if you do too much Uncle Sam takes more than you bring home!

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