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Can anyone reccommend a good job to get into while in nursing school? I will begin in the fall and would like something that will prepare me or just give me some experience. Don't have any so far so it should be entry level although I do have some contacts in a couple hospitals. I'm working in retail:zzzzz right now so I'm used to low pay, crappy work.

Thanks for the help:cool:

Nurse Ratched, RN

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CNA/tech or unit secretary/ward clerk are two common jobs held by future nurses. Good luck in school :) - if you can avoid it, don't work until you have to! ;)


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I agree with what Nurse Ratched said. All of the new grads in our ICU were either Unit Secretaries or Nursing assisstants. Good Luck!


legsmalone, RN

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I worked as a CNA and highly recommened it, it gives you the chance to work in an area, see what the nurses do and help you decide if it's where you eventually want to work. If your school has a nurse extern program I really recommened getting into that as soon as they let you, I am in one right now and it is such a help in helping you establish your skills and ablilites as a future nurse.

Good Luck!!:)

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