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Best ICU to work for in Kansas City?


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I know this is all going to be on opinion but, what is the best adult ICU to work at in the Kansas City area?

I have just applied to CRNA school and was turned down, I don't know the reason why but I'm going to guess that it is an experience issue since my ICU experience is NICU (newborn ICU). I knew it would be iffy at best trying to get in with that experience.

Now that I've been through the application and interview process once, I'm much wiser.

What I am looking to do is move to the Kansas City area, gain adult ICU experience and apply to KU, Truman, and Missouri State CRNA programs within the next year and a half or so.

I'm looking at three hospitals in the area. KU Med, Truman, and North Kansas City Hospital.

I currently work in a University level I trauma center/teaching hospital and want to stay in that same environment if possible.

Thank you.

KU is supposed to be a very good hospital to work for. I'm doing my internship through a clinic with them, hoping to get on there before I start towards nursing. I do not have much info to back up why its good, just what I've been told.

I just had a phone interview with them as well. Different position since I'm not a nurse yet. I have heard the process to get hired is LONNNG so be prepared for that. Ugh

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Specializes in MSN, FNP-BC. Has 8 years experience.

Not a problem. I'm not looking to move until this spring/early summer.

How did your phone interview go??.