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Best first jobs?


What is a good first job for a new graduate?  I'm looking to get some experience to make myself attractive to hospitals/acute care.  I haven't gotten a residency spot but I will keep trying.

I'm interested in peds, med-surg, or public health...  

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I am about to graduate myself.  I have heard two schools of thought.  One is to go med-surg and possibly get into an RN residency.  You will be able to use and master all the skills you've learned and it is seen as a pretty good position to be able to transition to other specialties.  Acute rehab is also a good one.

The other school of thought I have heard is to go with what interests you and what will hire you.  A lot of peds positions want experience that you could get from med-surg or rehab, but experience is experience.

On this note, I was kind of wondering what people thought about a first job being in long-term care/assisted living.  I am moving right after graduation and will only be in the location for 2 years.  I've been offered a job as an RN at an assisted living/LTC facility, but I don't want to be pigeonholed in that my whole career.  Is working there for the 2 years (and probably getting my BSN while I'm there) and then going for a RN residency at the next location possible/recommended?

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LTC/Assisted living does indeed tend to be difficult to get out of once you are in it, unfortunately. I am not weighing in on whether that is right, wrong or sideways, but it just is a thing. Dialysis as well. 

Most residencies are not open to RNs with experience. That means if you are graduating with a two year degree and then go on to get your BSN, you are not going to be qualified for the residency, as you won't be a new grad. Most residencies cap the applicant pool as being for new grads who graduated within the last year.