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Best CRNE review books or courses...


Hi i just got a letter from CNO that I am eligible to take the CRNE. And i will take the exam on October. I want to ask if u guys can recommend some review books or review courses for the CRNE. Since I have graduated nursing from other country 4 years ago, i might as well read materials that can refresh my knowledge and skills as nurse because i already forgot some theories about nursing and i want to refresh it... do u know what book or course shall i take??

Your help will be a good help...


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Please do a search of this site for threads related to best resources for the CRNE. There are literally dozens of them and it's not necessary to recreate them all yet again. Thank you.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Moved to the CRNE forum where I am sure you will find much in the way of study information

I've used a couple of CRNE preparation books including Mosby's and Lippincotts. I think the benefit of Mosbys is that they provide some pathology and not just questions. I think the best CRNE preparation book is your medical surgical book in my opinion. Use this as your base book, and use the other CRNE books just as supplements.


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@ jvre888,

Congrats ! how long it took for you to receive your eligibility? :)


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Your fundamentals texts are one of the best resources. Potter and Perry's, Koizer et al etc.

Used mosbys and found it pretty good. Referred to text books when I had to clarify certain things or when I needed more in depth knowledge.

Hi,just like yours I am searching and buying online CRNE Review materials.Just got my decision today.will take exam on October too.God is so good all the time.