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Best Bsn Program In Portland?


I Am Interested In Applying To All Of The Programs That I Can Get Ready For. I Am Curious What Is Considered The Best Bsn Program Oregon Has To Offer? I Am Willing To Relocate From Washington If A Program Is Good Enough. Thanks.



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well judging by their ranking as the #7 nursing school in the nation, i'd say that OHSU is the best? i plan on obtaining my bsn online once i finish my two year degree. they are transitioning to the OCNE oregon consortium of nursing education curriculum with some new/different requirements. i'm biased simply because i've already decided to get my degree through them. just thought i'd reply to your post!


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I would agree that OHSU has a strong track record; however, they have not been impressive in recent years in their undergrad BSN program. In fact, look at the latest startling NCLEX pass rates for schools in the Portland area for the past year. http://www.oregon.gov/OSBN/pdfs/passrates.pdf OHSU had a dismal 80% pass rate last year. I strongly believe that U of P is one of the best BSN programs in Oregon right now. We have strong NCLEX pass rates and the students generally perform well in clinical settings.

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I went to Linfield, which was a great program for me, but may not be so for everyone. I worked at OHSU for 7 years (before nursing school) and the reviews I heard from friends who went there were not so favorable - and, I may be wrong, but isn't the high ranking from U.S. News & World Report for OHSU's Master's Program? I have to say that out of all the people I've spoken to, both recent grads and seasoned nurses have said that grads from U. of Portland are notoriously well-prepared for both the NCLEX, as well as working in the "real world".

The bottom line is to look into all programs you are interested in, talk to current students, look at NCLEX pass rates, look at the class descriptions....basically the whole package. You'll find the program that's right for you.

Just my two cents, I feel that OHSU RN New Grads come in with a lot of floor experience. I graduated from Linfield and felt my lack of clinical experience was disappointing. Having said that, I chose Linfield because I wanted a school that would embrace balanced living and the fact this was a 2nd career choice and I had a family. I felt they did do this for me.

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I am at Linfield right now, graduate in May 08, and there is a lot of disorganization, problems with clincal sites, etc. But it is a good school if you are interested in community health or holistic health. If you are only interested in working on the floor then i'd attend nursing school elsewhere. We dont get a lot of experience on the floor unfortunately. But, with the competition to get into a nursing program you might consider attending wherever you can get in...

U of P and OHSU routinely are the programs that I hear great things about for BSN programs. I have heard some disappointment from a couple fo Linfield grads that I know (clinical time and price being the main issues).

Another option is Clark College in Vancouver washington. It is a community college that has it's nursing program located in a state of the art brand new building on the Washington State University campus. It is a nationally top rated program with the most advanced clinical lab on the west coast. (mannequins deliver babies, you can really run IV fluids and push drugs in the mannequins and, great hospital simmulation etc... Another advantage is that it only takes 1 year after their program (if you take the added transfer classes) to get your BSN at WSU RN-BSN program on the same campus. Great reputation and excellent learning with an easy transition to BSN.

I have been looking at nursing schools in the portland area, and feel that OHSU accelerated BSN program would be the best fit for me. I already have a BS degree in IT, but wanted to change paths. I finished my BS degree in 2002 with a final GPA of 3.2

Does anyone know how competitive this program is to get into? It seems as if all of the ASN programs are difficult to get into just because of the number of applicants versus the spots available. Any help or extra info would help. Thanks!

Dear Bailey. I think these days ALL nursing programs are difficult to get into due to high number of applicants versus small class sizes (not enough instructors). My two cents would be to do some sort of volunteer work or something that makes you stand out as an applicant. At my school we had to write a one page "Goal Statement" about why we wanted to become a nurse. I was an A-B student with a couple of C's and got into Linfield and I am convinced it was my goal statement and my volunteer experience that got me it!

PS having a BS degree already makes you a desirable candidate. You might consider applying to other programs that don't require a BS degree previously becuase your degree makes you more competitive compared to students who are only sophmores etc. I would strongly suggest applying to multiple programs and hope you get into the one you want. I'd also take whatever you can get. The end result is the same, you'll be a nurse!


I've enjoyed linfield, we don't have the 6 month immersion like OHSU does though.

The post with the link regarding NCLEX pass rates was posted awhile ago, but I just wanted to point out that the 80% was for OHSU's graduate program. The pass rate for the Portland campus BSN was 92.22%.

Another thing that I try to keep in mind is that all programs are great for some and not for others. I've heard the complaint regarding clinicals about not only Linfield but also OHSU and Mt. Hood. I've also heard the complaint about being disorganized about all three as well. It just reminds me that I have to advocate for myself in clinicals and do my best to get the experience I'm looking for.

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