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hi im new here. ive been browsing for quite some time now. and i can see that a lot of people like SAUNDERS. im not really a fan of it but i use it sometimes. the thickness of the book is just overwhelming! anyway im taking HURST and i think it's really good although they dont have a lot of questions that i can practice on. any advice what book i can use for practicing nclex-y type of question.


ome people thing SAUNDERS is good for comprehensive review

EXAM planning to buy it later. what do you think? will it go well with my hurst review? or should i go with NCLEX4000

review center they say KAPLAN is the best..but i dont know how true it is.

pls help! i really need to pass :crying2:


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i know what you mean. lots of people recommend saunders simply because it covers almost all the subjects... if you're a type of reader who likes the facts straight out without explanation. i would suggest NSNA, this book contains most of the medications we need to know to pass nclex-rn. BUT it has a lot of technical errros in the calculation area. kaplan is good because it gives you the strategies and rationales for every answer. i also recommend HESI because it's simple and direct to the point. i would suggest you buying or borrowing all kinds of books or compilation of Q&A. kaplan and hesi and mosby are good.... good luck! let me know what happens. :cool:

we can do it!:redbeathe God speed!


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Check at your school, with your friends, at the library, and at the bookstore, to see if you can page through some of these to see which one seems best for you before you buy it. If you don't want to go with Saunders at this point, maybe ExamCram or the Kaplan review will be good for you. Don't forget the priorities book by Linda LaCharity.