what are the best books for Medical Surgical, Pharma and Pedia?

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I'm an incoming third year student from a university somewhere in Manila..

what books are the best for MS?? what would you recommend for MS? Luckmann? Brunner? or Black?

I have a Luckmann 4th ed. but i think its too old so i'm in doubt if that's still ok to use for MS...

I also heard that Black is a combined idea of Brunner and LUckmann??

I haven't read Brunner and Black..

For Pharma, is Hayse ok?? for pedia, i have piliterri, what books can you recommend for pharma and pedia??

GOD Bless!


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I had hand-me-down books from friends and relatives and I acquired Luckmann and Sorensen for MS (I think the oldest edition ever, with torn pages and all). I thought it was great, I passed MS with flying colors (boasting aside.. lol). Although it's not up-to-date I had no choice but to use it because I had no money to buy a new one. One of my buddies had Brunner and I photocopied some chapters of her book. I think both books are great!

Pharmacology? Hmmmm.. Let me see.. I forgot the name of the book but it was the book the photocopied back when I was in college. It was really great because it did not only focus on the pharmacokinetics but it also discussed several basic things like the pronounciation of the medication, which tends to become a challenge at times (chloroquine = klo-ro-kween).

Pediatrics (including OB) of course will be Pilliteri all the way!!! But I also used the book that is sponsored by POGS. That book was really helpful when I took the midwifery and nursing board examinations. I even made a reviewer out of it, which I lend to one of my friends and he never returned it up to now.

I think the book that best suits you will be for you to judge (because there are different strategies that the author provides for each book). But as for me, the above mentioned books was what I used back when I was in college. BTW, what I did then was to photcopy different books that I think best discussed a certain topic. For example, in the discussion of respiratory system I used Luckmann, while for renal I used Brunner etc. I borrowed the books of my classmates (which were shiny and new) and browse through the topic and I decided which author provided the best discussion. This is both economical and wise in my opinion.

ei,thanks for ur great opinion and time writing... i've been checking my thread and wait for the reply... i think ur right, i'll just photocopy other chapters and compare what book i have to other books...

i really appreciate your reply.. thank you very much!=))


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If I remembered it correctly I think the Pharmacology book is from Lippincott.

MS-by brunner, luckman

pedia- by wong

try med surg made incredibly easy..


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try the 2009 edition of[color=yellow] medical-surgical nursing by josie quiambao!

it's a filipino authored books that you will surely understand

because of its basic concepts and principles.

available in any national bookstore!:yeah:


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MS- Brunner, Black or Ignativicius(don't know the correct spelling,hehehe)

Pharma - Karch

Pedia - Wong, Pilliteri

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