Best A & P study tips, materials, and advice ?

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I loved biology, but science of any kind was never my strong suit so can anyone share advice on study tips, materials and overall your course experience?

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Your textbook, read ahead of next topic,

It will not sound foreign,

Listen and take good notes, after class re read your text and notes,

Then outline what you know and have learned

Don't over complicate things. If you're taking college classes, you've been through elementary school, middle school, and high school. What did you do all of those years? Do it some more.

First figure out your learning style, are you a visual or auditory learner or both? Once you figure out what kind of learner you are, you will start to grasp onto the materials better. Personally for me, I am both a visual and auditory learner. During lecture I would record it and take notes, and then when I get home and study, I would play the recording and write down anything that I may have missed while writing notes. Watch videos and look at images as well. Also read your textbook. And if possible, make a study group. I found it very beneficial to study with others too.

CrashCourse AP on Youtube was a lifesaver for me. Also, the lab manuals tend to give a more simple and straightforward run down on tissues.

The way I studied--seperated the type (Muscle, epithelial, connective...etc) and for each subcategory list 1) location 2) function 3) characteristics.


Tissue: Epithelial

Subcategory: psuedostratified columnar epithelium

Location: Upper respirtory tract and trachea

Function: secretes and moves mucous

Special characteristics: cilia

Having a flash card or a study guide like this really helped me study

It was a while back, but I can recall clearing my calendar, and spending the entire weekend with the book.

To be fair, I had the advantage of not working while I was taking it.

Thanks everyone! Such great advice that I feel much better on how to set up a study system for it now :)

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