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So here we go. Happysouth received offers from several companies in CA. Wondering if anyone would comment on retirement benefits from Kaiser, Sutter, VA, UC Davis, and UCSF, especially when it comes to pension plans. They are all better than the rest of US. Please enlighten me. :rolleyes::rolleyes::uhoh3:

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A government job typically gives the best pension plans, so your best bet would be UC Davis, UCSF or VA. The VA, however, is not bound by the california ratio law. One thing to consider. I personally would go with UC Davis because the cost of living is fairly reasonable in relation to the salary. Congrats on all the offers! What's the secret? lol

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After 5 years at UC, you are vested. The benefits at UC Davis and UCSF are known for being excellent.

Don't know anything about the VA or Kaiser.

Good luck!

I work in the UC System and have only worked within this system since becoming an RN. The benefits are by far the best that I have seen. I do know that Kaiser talks up their benefits from friends that recently attended a job fair, but they still do not have anything on the UC system. I know Kaiser almost forces you to have their health insurance which I know some people are not a fan of. Kaiser also does not have some of the extras that the UC does. Within the UC system we have various benefits from supplemental life, legal (legal services cheap if you sign up for a small monthly deduction), supplemental disability (pays approx 70 % of your income for short-term disability). Then there are the many health plans to pick from all of which you come out of pocket for each month but there are many options from under 100 a month to a couple hundred a month (depending on your income bracket, who you are covering, etc...). Vision and Dental are employer-paid. You can get a pension and your healthcare benefits covered for life depending on how long you work there. However, the UC Regents just voted for our pension contribution to increase over the next couple of years. There are also savings plans they offer such as a 403b and 457a. Some issues to consider when choosing between the UCs, pay is vastly different from campus to campus as well as cost of living in the surrounding communities. Some UCs practice primary nursing. You will probably have to pay for parking which again varies from campus to campus. I hope I have given you a quick run down and if you have any questions feel free to PM me. I also believe the benefits handbook is published online somewhere so you may be able to see everything I am talking about if you do some searching. As far a Sutter I do not know much about them but I have heard they pay well comparable to Kaiser (UCs are usually lower, but have really good benefits). I have also heard working conditions are nice at most Sutters.

Wow guys thank you so much! Happy South is very happy going for the UC Davis! Thank you you I didn't even realize folks were posting! Don't know what the secret is? Lot of faith....and availability to work I think. Also can anyone comment working conditions? I am not afraid of trenchood. The pay offers were highest so far at Kaiser, then sutter, then uc davis and ucsf and va.

But yeah, the pensions at UC is the highest.

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What floor at UC Davis? I know some folks there...


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my friend works for ucd. It's the only place he has worked since becoming a rn. (2006) he really likes it. Personally, I am not a nurse but I'd work for the va. I know much more people who work there and the benefits are great, also the people are better to work with. The vets home in yountville hires cna, lvn, rn, resp therapists, you have so many options, also the working environment is much better than kaiser, sutter or even the uc systems. You'll become part of a family at the va. Good luck

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UCD hands down. I regret leaving there and moving to TX. :(

UCDMC wins right now but Kaiser tops out at 70$ UCDMC tops at 53$. I work CA Prison and we get nearly the same as UCDMC but I think we are calpers and they are private. Though we do 1/4 the work that a average UCDMC nurse does on the floor. It is easy to do 70 hours a week in prison and still go home flesh and not exhausted like a average ucdmc work to death floor.

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