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Being sued

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I had the unfortunately pleasure today of receiving a letter from an attorney group that is representing my hospital in a lawsuit. While the letter states that I am not a named party to the suit, and they just want to speak with me to review my documentation as well as my recollection of this particular patient, I can't help but feel as though I am being targeted. I feel that maybe I really am a part of this. I have only been a nurse for seven years, and I am having total anxiety over this. I have to try and remember someone from 3 years ago and I have probably seen about 2000 patients since then. I feel confident in my documenting but I suppose you just never know. its really making me question my profession. I actually want to leave it. Sorry for the ranting. I am the only one In the medical profession in my family, so getting nursey things off my chest is just not possible.

I am so sorry to hear that. That is why I RECOMMEND TO ALL NURSES, PLEASE , PURCHASE YOUR OWN INS!!! :(

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Yes I actually do have my own insurance. Do you think I should try and get legal rep before sitting down with the hospital lawyers? just wondering your opinion or what would you do. I think it's safe to say that any facility would throw their nurses under the bus if necessary


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You are not going to be sued or added as a defendant. If you were, you would have been served by now. Since the hospital is legally responsible for your actions, the attorney representing the hospital wants to chat with you regarding your involvement with the patient. So I suspect your only involvement is going to be as a witness. I suggest that you call Risk Management at the hospital to confirm this, and then call the attorney's office back to see what they want. You can always refuse to meet with them, and then either the defense or plaintiff attorney has the option of having you served with a subpoena to show up at a deposition. This is why I recommend chatting with first Risk and then the defense attorney. Read the numerous posts below in which this issue and some other malpractice insurance issues are discussed. Feel free to send me a PM or post here if you have any additional questions and I will be happy to help.


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Please listen to RiskManager's comments which have preceded mine. As I wrote recently when someone was asked to meet with the hospital attorney in a lawsuit, the attorney needs to do discovery. I was in your shoes, saw the hospital attorney three times before I gave my disposition, and the case was settled before it went to court. It helped me immensely to speak with the hospital (defense) lawyer. I was too was very scared, but, since I wasn't named in the suit, it was so helpful to have an attorney reassure me. RiskManager is a wonderful resource on this forum. This is what attorneys do; they need you to review your documentation. You may not even be deposed. One step at a time. The best to you.

Thank you so much for all the info. Risk management had actually called me regarding this case about 1 year ago because they thought it could turn into something Guess they were right. Ill be calling calling risk on Monday