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Need input and advice,my OR manager is all about making the surgeons happy and getting the cases done.I have had her yell at me to bring the patient in the room before I've had the opportunity to set up my room,she has told me that she already set up the room,so just bring back the pt.,only for me to find out once I took the pt. into the OR there is no safety strap on the bed,no armboard,or the armboard was not completely attached to the bed and fell off,counts were not done with the scrub.She has also told me to take the pt. back before anesthesia interviewed the pt.,and to get another nurse's pt. "go get the pt.,don't speak to the pt. the other nurse already did,just bring the pt." so I went to pre-op and as I was looking at the pt's ID band the manager came in and said in front of the pt. "I told you not to talk to the pt.,just bring them back", then she unlocked the bed and started rolling with the pt.,while I was looking at the ID band.This is so unsafe and I am very uncomfortable with it.What would you do or say in my circumstance ? I am already looking for a job elsewhere.

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Find another job, fast. In the meantime, document EVERYTHING. Write up patient safety concerns. Know what the facility's policy is, and report him/her every time they order you to do something against policy.


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thank you,taketwoaspirin, I am so stressed,I don't sleep at night.When I get home from work I write the events in a notebook,with dates,times,etc.I am under an unbelievable amount of stress over this.Again,thank you.


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Talk to your manger.. Tell him/her that rushing you when you are preparing for the case is a recipe for disaster.. tell your manager, you will be as efficient as you can possibly be but when you are "pushed" in this way, it concerns you that you will "miss a step"

Tell your manager that you realize there is a time constraint, and that time is money, but


Also reinforce the fact that you are there to do a good job, and you need to be left to provide safe care for your patient.. bottom line..

Good Luck.. Since you are looking for another job, even if the truth hurts.. you are doing the right thing.

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I agree, get out of that OR as soon as possible. In the meantime, you have to do the right thing- even if the manager gets angry. Look at it this way..if a surgeon, a nurse manager is mad at you for good nursing practice, you can always find another job. If the Board of Nursing is mad at you and takes your license, you're done.

I've worked inplaces where BAD things happened because of rushing( wrong site surgeries). Your manager needs a slap upside the head.