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Being Prepared

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Just curious! I am currently on the waiting list for the nursing program and I am working on getting onto the accelerated. I have just recently took Anatomy and Physiology one and am now taking two in the fall. I didn't do too well on the first one I am terrible at taking tests,but if you asked me to recite it forward and backward I can explain it. Anyways I am trying to be more on top of things this semester. Any suggestions on how to better prepare myself for this course and Microbiology?Or any suggestions on how to take the tests better?

Your college should have an academic success center (or whatever they call it) with people who can help you with test-taking skills and strategies. Run, do not walk, to see them and get in their classes/groups/whatever.

Nursing tests are a different animal altogether, although most new nursing students do not realize it and don't believe us when we try to tell them. There are many helpful threads in the Nursing Student Assistance forum about that, so look in there. Search "NCLEX STYLE QUESTIONS" in the Search box above.

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Grades matter. No one will care if you are "smart". Just like a person who "is a great nurse", but has no nursing license can't work as a nurse.

You need to figure out a way to get your grades to match what you state you know. You can be "frustrated" all you want, but no hospital will hire someone who failed nursing school. Nor will you be allowed to sit for the NCLEX if you did not meet the requirements (grade wise) to be allowed the opportunity to test for a nursing license.