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hey guys,

i am currently a nursing student in a college in seattle wa. i have had no medical or healthcare field experince. however, i want to get involved in a job shadow opportunity or a volunteer opportunity that will help me make a decision on what i want to do.

any input will be of much help.


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Our hospital does not allow shadowing/observations unless the individual is associated with a school and we have a contract with the school. Even then the student has to have objectives and goals to acquire while here. This is due to HIPAA regulations and the possibility the student could get hurt or infected while here.


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so would i be able to do a job shadow at a clinical site that i was at during my school?

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Generally that is part of the purpose of clinical placements during school. It gives you an opportunity to experience different areas of nursing. Most places don't allow shadowing for the reason that classicdame outlined. You would have to be present in the clinical setting as a student affiliated with that facility and there for an arranged clinical placement.


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Are you not doing clinical rotations to different areas as part of school?

Why not apply for a student nurse tech/aid position so you can get work experience and pay while learning about about a department?

I was able to volunteer with/shadow a nurse practitioner prior to going to nursing school, and the hospital I did it with has a formal process where you apply, they do background checks, make sure you are immunized, do HIPAA training with you. I would look at your local hospitals and see if they offer something similar. I'm actually surprised that there are hospitals that don't allow shadowing like that.