Been out of school for years, need to pass boards, HELP.


Help, anyone, I graduated from a LPN nursing school about 15 years ago and never took boards. I was offered a job in another field making alot of money and took the job. I contacted the state and they said i was ok to take boards and get licensed. Problem is I need to pass boards. I have lost most of the info and do not want to go through the whole course again.... Any suggestions on a very extensive LPN nclex refresher that I could take to pass. I looked at Hurst, ATI, Kaplan, and some others. Does anyone know which one would help? Or have any ideas?


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Kevin if you find one let me know. AZ wont let me take a refresher course until after I take the NCLEX. Its redundant since I need the refresher to pass. Please let me know if you find one thanks!


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I think I will be doing the Hurst review, heard a lot of good things about it. Then maybe Kaplan for test strategies.


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Do Hurst, she gives some common sense strategies through the course (online). And borrow the Kaplan Nclex-PN strategies book from the library. It is thin but really all that you need. And lastly try to download the Kaplan Nclex QTrainer, somewhere online free, just Google it. It is meant for RN, but will serve your purpose, I never did all of them, but if you are scoring 55 or better on QT6, and QT6 you just be golden for the PN. If you are taking it anytime soon you will probably get a lot of SATA. In my personal opinion if you just think about it they are not that difficult, but sine they are throwing so many out on the PN exam I have come to the conclusion that MOST of them are in the group with the 25 "test" questions that don't count towards your score. But try your best anyway.

Don't get too in to memorizing the Kaplan Strategies, because with their convoluted little flows, you won't remember while taking the exam anyway. Just focus on their common sense strategies, and the advice about positioning questions.

As for Hurst, some say that it didn't help them on their exam at all. I don't believe this is true. Hurst is all about core content. When you are done with Hurst you'll feel like you just went back to nursing school and completed it within a week. No they don't go over everything, but they go over the main things that a new nurse should know for Nclex, but more importantly what a new nurse needs to know to go to work. While going through they will give common sense strategies that will help on the Nclex, like the "killer answer", "least invasive first", "patient before equipment", "what can you do before calling the MD", ect.


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hey DreamNurseRN

I wanted to know if you can explain in greater depth about the strategies for the nclex because I am taking it soon. I already Know the "ABC, Least Invasive First" what more do I need to know can you explain the "what can I do before calling the MD" and "Patient before Equipment". I am taking my nclex in two weeks, please give me all the info that you think will be beneficial. Thanks.