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I recently received a letter from one of my Physical Therapist very angry about the "lack of direction" provided for pre cautions for a patient who has bed bugs. Apparently the bed bugs have spread through the house. I had all staff wear a gown, gloves, foot covers, and hair cover when caring for the patient. It is unclear whether the precautions were used consistently by the staff who wrote the email. She is refusing to see the patient and is discharging from PT. My concern is, I want to be fully supportive to staff, but I also want this patient not to loose services. We had a charitable giving that would once provide support for these under privilaged patients whith various needs, but it was ended by the company. I am not sure when it comes to bed bugs if all the precautions are enough, if staff feel safe, and I do not want the patient to go without care. Any advice?

The PT is overreacting when assigning blame. I read that it is impossible to contain an outbreak of bed bugs short of having professionals perform eradication services.

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One's economic status has nothing to do with bed bugs. Even the Ritz Carlton has had trouble with them.

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Check with the elder services networks in your area as well as professional bed bug exterminators to see if there are resources in your community if you don't have an MSW to do these things. Check with Geriatric Care Managers in the area, as well. Most have a lot of resources that many people would never dream of.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the barriers will really have any effect on containing the bed bugs and I can't say that I blame the PT for not wanting to see the patient any more. I'm not sure that I would be any more generous until the infestation is eradicated. I can't afford to have my home exterminated and/or replace my furniture.

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