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Hello~ I was wondering if someone here can enlighten me on the courses I need to take to become a nurse. I want to study online because I'm not living in the US at the moment. I am a citizen and I have a home there I just don't visit it often enough to do this. Can anyone tell me if there are online courses that will get me to a point where I can get a job in the US once I'm ready to live there full time again?

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I'm sure you could take your pre-reqs online but as for the actual nursing program I don't know of any that are all online for the first degree. Google colleges you might be interested in to see what their requirements are because they are all a bit different. Good luck.

Im will be taking an online accelrated course as a 2nd degree. and the 'online' part is somewhat misleading. I will be doing something like 800 hours of clinicals in the local hospitals as well as going to the college 3 times during the program. good luck. I suggest taking some of your pre-reqs. Be careful to really know the requirments of the school your going to apply to. I know a few people who took chemistry or a& P online and had to retake it because their program required the lab be in person.

well i think i have got my parents convinced to let me go back to the US for schooling... I'm not sure where I would go though. Can anyone give me ideas of hmm some schools that I could research? I don't care where they are in the US but I've been looking through a lot... there are just sooo many and im not sure where to start to be honest. from what i understand my first step is LPN? also i cant find specific requirements because all the sites i find seem to be vague and require me to have info sent to me which will take 3 weeks or more so anything that anyone can tell me would be a big help >.


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Schools don't send info in the mail much anymore unless you just don't have internet access at all. If you can access this board then you can just as easily look up school websites. All of the info, curriculae, catalogs, applications, etc., are available on the school website. Then you call or email the admissions office you have additional questions - they have people on staff whose job is to recruit students so typically they are responsive and will get back to you in short order. A lot of schools have regular online chat info sessions - useful if you're out of town/out of the country and can't attend info sessions in person.

This website is one place to start - allnursingschools dot com. Where do you want to go to school? i.e. What cities or states are you interested in? If you have a state in mind then google the state board of nursing website and there you will find a list of all the accredited programs for that state. In my state it even lists which ones are online. Keep in mind that for entry level nursing online program means that the lecture materials are online but you would have to be onsite for clinicals.

LPN is one point of entry - or you can start at the RN level. After you do a little research and read some program descrips you can decide which you feel is better for you.

Oh thats great I didn't know I could just begin at RN level. does anyone know about the um i think its called loan forgiveness? i read somewhere about it it was a program for nurses that would pay your loans if you work in a specific place for a certain amount of time. this is one reason i chose this career because i want a career in medicine but nurses are short so i believe i would get more support from the government and etc~ that way since i dont really have much money to work with

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You will need English courses, algebra, anatomy and physiology, perhaps chemistry and physics in addition to core nursing classes. So that is a place to start.

Perhaps you can get these classes out of the way in the location you are now in.

Did I mention biology and microbiology.

Thanks for the information its a lot of help. I have to say I'm getting major discouragement from my parents. Even though all my friends say they could see me as a great RN. I don't know how to convince my parents that I can actually do this.

Im almost 30 with a family of my own so i don't rely a lot on my parents for encouragment like i did when i was younger but the thing i have found with my parents is that when i but the time in effort into my goals they become my 'biggest' fans even if they were skeptical in the beginning . So if this something you want to do... Go for it and show them you have it in you!

my dad is really just thinking i guess taht i wont make it alone lol he wants me to get a job because he says the job market in the US is terrible right now(i believe it) and he says i cant get a job that will support living while im going to college to become an RN. so im offering to take online pharmacy technician classes before I move and securing a job before i leave. Do you think pharmacy technician courses will help me in nursing school? would a school think that was something good?

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