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Becoming a Nurse..?

Hello... My questions deal with becoming a nurse. I currently have a bachelor's degree in Marketing and dislike my job in sales. I've spent the last 5 years interested in nursing and want to know how it works in this field...

1. If I have a bachelor's degree in marketing, which degree do I go for in nursing- RN or bachelor's in nursing? Or someting totally different?

2. Do I go directly into a nursing program or do I need to take pre-requesites before I can even take on nursing school?

3. How long does it take (part time) to become a nurse?

4. 5 years ago when I worked with Johnson & Johnson we had a big campagne for nursings future in which we recruited nurses due to the shortage. Is there still a shortage? Is the situation flip flopped now with too many nurses and not enough jobs?

5. I'm most interested in work with children- would this require me to specialize and if so, how much more schooling would this be?

Thank you to anyone who can offer advice.

1] bsn = rn

2] you will need prerequesites you will need to check with the school that you are applying to for the specifics

3] difficult to but a time on parttime to graduation

4]shortage is still here more in some areas than others but usually nurses who want to work can find a job

5] you can take specific pedi courses but the best would be to apply to work on pedi floor after grad and increase your education after that

hope you are happy with decicion that you make

Does the colloege you went to for your first degree have a nursing program? If so, I would consider speaking to someone at the nursing school to see the exact requirements for entrance into the program. Pre-reqs are required, but you may have already taken some.

Unfortunately the school I got my bachelors at is in Ohio and I live in Illinois (Chicago). If I do go back to school to become a nurse I plan to stay in Chicago. It sounds like I need to get my transcripts from undergrad and see if any will transfer towards the pre-reqs for nursing.

Definitely need to take prereqs and would need to verify at the various schools you are applying to what these requirements are. Since you already hold a bachelors degree, I would also look into accelrated rn programs which are designed for career changers or second degree seekers--this type of program like adn or lpn typically base acceptance on gpa obtained in required prereqs which usually include anatomy w/lab, micro w/ lab chem w/lab and usually human development over lifespan. Good luck

About the RN or BSN part of your question, I found that I would be able to get EITHER in the same length of time, since I have another degree, too, but that the BSN had definite positives that the RN diploma did not.

Also, there are accelerated programs if you have a degree already. One I know of runs January through November, take the NCLEX in January. You need prereqs done already.

Look at the job postings in your area to get a feel for which hospitals prefer BSN over RN. Some appear not to distinguish between the two starting out, but the distinctions become obvious at the next tier of jobs. So, if you are thinking about the future and advancement, think BSN.

For most jobs, though, RN is totally fine.


Specializes in Peds Trauma, Neurosurgery, Othopedics.

I think most of your questions have been answered by the others, I have direct knowledge of working with children.

I signed at a Children's hospital right after graduation. At this particular hospital you have to work for them 3 years before you can test for CPN (certified pediatric nurse). It gives you time to really decide if this it what you want to spend your entire career doing. It can be one of the most heartbreaking and one of the most rewarding (at the same time) careers. There are nights I cry all the way home for a particular child, times that I smile all the way home, and times that I am baffeled all the way home at what a $&%@ a certain older kid or a member of their faimily was all day.

I'm still can't imagine doing anything but pediatrics right now, but I caution you,...99% of kids come with parents! And there will be times those parents make you wish you had chosen adult nursing!! ha ha ha

Good luck!

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