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I am coming close to graduating with my BSN in December. I then plan to start working in an ICU. I am currently preceptoring in one and I am in love with it! In order to apply to CRNA school and be considered a semi-competitive candidate you need about 2-3 years of ICU experience, some people say less other say more. My question is what else can I do to become a highly competitive candidate? What things do admissions committees look for these days, especially for a program like DNP of Anesthesia.


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Become involved on your unit, join hospital committees, become charge nurse, precept new nurses and students in the ICU, serve on the rapid response team, get CCRN, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC. Take the GRE if required. Lots of good info on this site about how to get into anesthesia school, try using the search bar at the top right corner. Best of luck!

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This is answered at least once a week, more often during application season. There's a ton of good info. Just use the search


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Thank you all! I will make sure to use the search bar! :)