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Hello difference makers. Could anyone give me resources on how to become a provider for ceus? Do i have to be a nurse educator in my hospital? I am RN Case manager at the moment. Anyone interested in writing ceus for pay? Please let me know. I am in Southern California.

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Depends on who certifies you. Most will want to know you have the credentials to develop appropriate activities. It is not enough to know the subject matter. You have to how to develop a teaching plan, test if needed, and get proper evaluations. Are you wanting to do various types of topics or one type specifically? If it is one type (like Maternal-Child, or ER Nursing, etc) then I recommend you contact an association that focus on that type of nursing.


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Are you going to be teaching the courses? And writing them? I have been looking into writing the courses and as part of my masters program I am developing a CEU course on genetic diseases in the Amish population, so I've done quite a bit of research on how to qualify and obtain CEU credits for the nurses who will take my course. I am also a lactation consultant and am in the process of developing 15 LCERP's for our hospital as a trial run for the unit where I teach as part of another project (LCERPS are like CEU's for Lactation consultants).

I'm interested in learning more about developing and teaching CEU courses. I have an interest in developing ones that are multi-media; I feel we are not using technology near as much as we could and with so many different kinds of learners out there and wonderful technology, we are missing the boat!

I'd love to hear about your plan to teach, what you come up with, and any information you can share. I have talked on the other forums about my plans, I teach 2 days per week, but need to also supplement that income and have been looking for something flexible. Teaching and writing are two things I already do and love!


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I like your post alot. What is ur email? I think we have a lot of things in common that we can share and benefit each other. Well, take care for now.