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ive been reading these post for a very long time and i just wanted to post what i went through. i started nursing school in 2007 and because i had a conviction my school had informed me that there was a possibility that i could have a problem with getting my license, but because this is what i have always wanted i continued with the program. i got really good grades for the most part but then there were those times i would get that not so good of a grade on a quiz or a final, and just sit there thinking maybe i should drop out or maybe this is gods way of telling me that i wouldnt get my license.

well i stayed in the program and towards the last month of school was when we started getting all of the paper work ready for boards and this is when it just really started to hit me, so i talked to my instructor about it and she just told me to be honest about everything and so i did. i graduated in may of 2008 and my paperwork was sent off so that i could take boards. i got my packet back saying that i was eligible to sit for nclex, i took the test for the first in august and failed, after recieving my results was when i got a letter saying that i needed to send in everything about my conviction, i had all the information ready except for the stupid police report, that the police said that they no longer had because my case was so old(2001) and that it wasnt that bad they no longer had it. sent all these document to the person handling my case in enforcements and wrote a note telling her why i could not get a copy she informed me that she would attempt to get it.

every now and then i would call and see if i could get any information on what was happening, she would always say we havent got any thing back yet and the sherriff station had 30 days to reply and we cant tell you anything until you retake your test and pass. so on march 21st of 2009 i took my test for the second time and recieved my results on may 1st saying that i passed, but instaed of being excited and going out to celebrate the good news, i stayed home crying it was horrible because instead if the letter that you get when you pass and they give you your license i recieved a letter saying that we cannot submit your paperwork for licensure at this time because of your conviction and they were not done reviewing my case. i spoke with the lady who was handling my case and she informed me that they were still waiting on the police report.

on june 27th i called the lady from enforcement once again and she told me that they did recieve something and that she had just finished reviewing my case, made a decision and i would recieve something in about 2 days. on june 29th i saw the mailman come and go so i went to check it and there it was, as i started walking back to my house i opened it and there inside of that envelope was this paper with my face on it and in bold letters stated that i have passed the nclex exam and have qualified to recieve my nursing license.

i wrote this because i just wanted to let people know that you never know what could happen and if you feel like nursing is really for you then go for it, never give up, do everything they tell you to do and most importantly never ever ever lie always tell the truth, if you think theres something that could come up in the background check then you should write it down.

Where do you live? I am in Ohio wuth a misdemeanor uup and cannot find a job.

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