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BCTC Fall 2017

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Hi there! Is anyone here applying to BCTC's nursing program for this fall- 2017? I'd love to meet some fellow hopefuls!! Just took my NLN exam today and wasn't thrilled with the results, but they are above what is required, so it is what it is.

Still need to attend a pre-admissions conference and then I'm good to submit my application!

Anyone else in a similar boat??

Hi! I am applying for this fall too. How was the NLN?

I didn't think it was too bad. I overloaded with courses and didn't have much time to study, so I didn't do as well as I could've. I got a comprehensive score of 131, verbal in the 84th percentile. When are you taking yours?

I am hoping to start in the Spring. I will be graduating the LPN program this May. Plan on taking the NLN this summer after nclex. It just depends on how the conference goes in August that will determine if I start this Spring or the following.

I went to yesterdays conference and was a bit disheartened. I knew how the categories were separated, but I don't think I realized that EVERYONE who falls into the top category requirements gets accepted before ANYONE in subsequent categories is considered. I have a 4.0, and was in the 98th percentile for verbal, but I only have 20 credits finished, so I fall in the bottom 50%. I'll still apply next week, I'm just not so sure I'll be considered. We'll find out in April...

Lpn's bridge into second semester of ADN.I was there too not knowing I have to attend another in August for the advanced standing. I am already suoer nerves.Good luck to u! í ½í¸€

I'm applying for fall both LPN and RN! I actually just took the exam today and got a composite score of 116.. not very happy about it but I'll try it this time. I have all the pre reqs done and a little more. But my GPA is between 2.5-3.0... oh well.. best of luck to all of us!

Best of luck to you!! I got in to the Cooper Campus program and we're 7 weeks in already! It's going by so quickly. I hope it works out for you how you're hoping!