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BC Online RN Program Jan 2011


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all i can say is run im in that program all the bs u hear about it is true.

dont read a head its a waste of time. enjoy the time u have now cause i promise u this will be ur life. not to scare u but thats how it is. it is no bs that process 1 alone u will spend 30 hrs a week studying that doesnt count the math or the pharm. if u go to north or central the pharm teacher is awesome he tells u everything on the test if u get a bad grade well.... i also recommend that anyone with any math experience takes advantage of mrs brickmans online class. dont buy the math book just rent it from chegg and honestly i suck at math and i took the online class and i wish i didnt even rent the book. the reason why im telling you guys not to read ahead is cause you have to read and study according to the objectives in the modules. seriously just enjoy ur time now. whether you take my advice or not is up to you but i promise you you will come back later and wish you didnt read before you started the program. as for books i would get the bundle . its cheaper dont buy the pharm book if you go to north or central u dont need it. save u 100 bucks right there. study what dr k tells you to study and u will get an A! buy the strategy guides they recommend there awesome. good luck to u all and i hope my advice helps you guys out

it will all say tba but fyi there is only one instructor per campus per subject. ex: only one process one teacher. the days of picking instructors is over.

all i can say is run im in that program all the bs u hear about it is true.

Are u in u doing face-to-face or the online program?

Went to pick up my physical and titer results.....have to get a varicella shot. Stupid thing is gonna cost almost 250 bucks...sheesh. It's getting expensive....

So I saw that the face to face students already have homework....Do you know by any chance if we have homework as well?

...and another question: For pharm are we using the Lilley book or the Deglin book because the face to face classmates are apparently using the Lilley bundle....now I'm confused.

I saw the posts as well.....I have not received any info or email regarding what to read in advance. Also, I don't know about the pharm books. On different posts it says, not but it, then another one says to buy it.... I really dont know.

I am going tomorrow for the fingerprinting. I need to get it over with already.

im face to face i dont see online being easier

if u are going to north or central the teacher for pharm lectures off his ppt and tells u the questions on the exam so u dont needf the book

Well, I sent the prof an email and this is what she told me: Hello Ms. ****,

Yes you should go to the orientation on 1/6/11 9am to 3 pm. No we have different readings than the face to face class. Make sure you read the NUR 1020 blog.

See you in January,

This was my original msg so that you understand the context: Hello Professor,

My name is ***** and I will be one of the online nursing students in the upcoming Jan 2011 class. I have read a few things here and there that have confused me a bit and I was hoping that you could help me clear them up. The first question I had was with regards to the orientation scheduled for January 6th, 2011, for the face to face students it states they will meet from 9 - 3pm in building 8, rm 232. Does that apply for the online students as well? My other question pertains to homework. The face to facers were told to read the first six chapters of the nursing fundementals book for the first day of class, does this apply to the online students as well? If not, do we have any type of homework at all which should be completed by the first day? Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this email. : )


At least we have some answers...now with regards to the pharm book....I'm still at a loss.

im face to face i dont see online being easier

We're not doing it because it's easier. I'm sure it would be easier to go to class. We do it because it's the option that best fits our circumstances.....

Thanks for clearing that up. I guess we better get started once we get our books.

Question? Which blog is the the Professor referring too? If it is her website, I did not see anything regarding homework to read. But I guess we can go based upon the central campus posts and follow them as well.

I am going to do the fingerprinting and drug test today! I will be on a mission. Not only that, I have to withdraw my 11 yr old out of her cuurent school and put her to a school closer to home.

Do have any info from blackboard? Or do u have ur courses listed yet? Just curious..

Do have any info from blackboard? Or do u have ur courses listed yet? Just curious..

I went on blackboard but it says we won't see our courses til the prof opens them up for the semester. So far all I saw on the blog was the getting to know you exercise we're going to do in the orientation....I guess that's pretty much it so far. I'm going to see about my physical today. I'm guessing I'll be turning everything else in pretty much last minute cuz of financial issues....oh well, at least I'll get it there. They don't need the background check results, just proof that you did it, right?

you cannot get on blackboard until the first day of class

you cannot get on blackboard until the first day of class

Thanks for the info.