BBC: "Nurses say reform prostitute law"

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If the prostitute is going to be arrested, fined or jailed, then I think the "John" should face the same degree of punishment. Here, the men are arrested. While I have pity on the wives and families of these men, they are doing just as wrong as the "lady of the evening" and should be treated with no more respect. Boys will be boys just does not work anymore.

Believe it or not, sometimes the reason why prostitutes have harsher punishments is because they are, in fact, running a business and making money without paying taxes. Remember Heidi Fleiss? She didn't go to jail for being a madame; she went for tax evasion!

Anyway, getting back to the OP, I think that was a good move of those British nurses.


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What a complete waste of resources and time. No wonder nurses get no respect

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