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HI! I just got accepted for Fall 2022 also. Has anyone started a cohort page? If not- are you interested in starting one?


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I'm about a year away from graduation and I wish I'd asked all these questions. They made it seem like they'd help us with placement and it has been the biggest hassle. So many of my classmates have had to drop courses because they couldn't find placement and they lived in big cities. So many delays in graduation because of their "placement team". Thank you for bringing light to this. 


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Subject: Clinical Placement Support 

Before making a decision to attend any DNP program, here are some questions about the clinical placement process that you MUST clarify BEFORE committing to any program:

- Clinical Site Network:
  - Could you provide more details about the extent of your clinical site network and relationships with healthcare facilities?

- Location and Availability:
  - How do you ensure clinical sites are available in various settings and locations?

- Student Experiences:
  - Can I learn about experiences from current students or recent graduates with your clinical placement process?

- Transparency and Communication:
  - What's your approach to communicating timelines, expectations, and issue resolutions?

- Quality of Experiences:
  - Can you share examples of clinical sites and patient populations available to students?

- Flexibility and Choice:
  - To what extent can students influence the selection of clinical sites?

- Percentage of Delays:
  - Do you have data on the percentage of students who experience graduation delays due to clinical site challenges?

- Support Measures:
  - What resources are in place to assist students facing clinical site placement difficulties?

- Staffing and Responsiveness:
  - How large is your clinical placement team, and how responsive are they to student inquiries? 

- Emergency Handling:
  - How do you address urgent matters related to clinical placements?


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