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  1. Baylor DNP program? Help!

    Hi all, I was curious if anyone has had any experience with Baylor University's FNP DNP program? I've been so impressed with everything so far in the application status, but I'm nervous because I don't know anyone who has conpleted the program. It ma...
  2. Hey, I just made this to talk about the upcoming applications to Baylor! I couldnt attend the Grad Nurse Expo for the North Texas region, so if somebody did, could you message me with some details of the information shared there? Also, di...
  3. samanthacanelaa

    Baylor Scott and White Residency Summer 2021

    Making this thread for anyone who applied to the residency program that opened today. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Figured I would start this thread since the Feb 1st date is coming up.
  5. Hi everyone! I know the application for the nurse residency program for BSWH opened up on June 22 and figured that I would start a thread to update each other on it. Good luck ?
  6. Hey y'all! Wanted to go ahead and start a thread for those of us who are applying to Baylor S&W's Nurse Residency Program in Texas! Thought this would be a great place for us to keep each other updated throughout the application process ? I appl...
  7. Hello Everyone! I wanted to start this thread for those who are applying to the winter 2019 nurse residency cohort for Baylor Scott & White Health. This is so we can ask questions and help other possible future team members through the applicatio...
  8. Hey yall! I'm making this thread to post updates on interviews and job notifications for the Baylor Scott and White Nurse Residency in DFW. Has anyone heard back from them following an interview?
  9. Hello, I wanted to start this thread so that people can share the GPA they are applying with at Baylor scott and white health and the unit they are applying to so that this can help people figure out things during the application process.
  10. Hi everyone! Figured I'd start this thread. Just applied today. Good luck to everyone!

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