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Sorry I did not mean smuggling records.


No, I am sorry. I am just a little tired this week. My car has been hit twice in one week, I am working 6 days a week , raising two kids and have two college classes I am trying to keep up on. I will get some rest on Sunday and all will be good again. Have a great day !!

renerian, BSN, RN

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Oh I am sorry about your car. That always seemed to set my week off on the wrong foot.



hoolahan, ASN, RN

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Just do what many of my patients do, they get a notebook, and just write in it. Some family's leave me notes in there, or questions, and I answer them, usually only things like "Please order more 4x4's and gloves" and I write "OK", and they usually want me to write down the BP and blood sugar, so they can take the notebook to the doctor with them.

Nothing fancy needed. :)

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