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I heard a rumor that Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis is going to get a program up and running in the somewhat near future. Anyone hear anything about this?


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No, but that's very interesting. How did you hear about this?


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A friend of mine is going to school in St. Louis and she said they had a program in the past and they are trying to start it back up again. Maybe just a rumor, that would be cool though :)


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For those who have read "Watchful Care: A History of America's Nurse Anesthetists you might remember the answer---- For those who haven't read it yet--GET BUSY! But I digress, Who is the (AANA) Outstanding Educator Award named for????

It is named the Helen Lamb Award.

Who was Helen Lamb?

First Chairman of the Education Committee of the AANA (in the 1930's), formulated the first educational standards for nurse anesthesia education, PROGRAM DIRECTOR at Barnes-Jewish School of Anesthesia. Administered anesthesia for the first successful pneumenectomy!!

PS those first standards required a program to be 6 months in length (Recommended 12 months) Boy have things changed! :chuckle


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I live in St. Louis and have been shadowing CRNA's at Barnes-Jewish over the past year. I confirmed with the chief CRNA there and the director of the program that they are starting up their program Fall of 2004. They are planning for a class of 6 students and will be catering to their current ICU staff to fill the slots.


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28 month program.

Application deadline, April 1st

Pre requisites: 1 year ICU, Stats, Physics, A&P, and I think Chem.

Most of the rest seems to be run of the mill stuff.

Hope this helps. :)


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is the program at barnes jewish good? anyone know?

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