Bariatric Nurse?


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:eek: I will be entering the RN program in the fall and Im not really sure which field I would like to eventually to go. Ive been watching discovery health and have become interested in the bariatric field :D Does anyone have any ideas or are in this field? Thanks alot!:cool:

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If you are young and able-bodied, I think it is a great field to enter. The physical demands can be high.


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Bariatrics is a small area in most hospitals. The weight loss clinic does the assessment, screening, etc. The general surgery programme does the actual surgical process and care.

It's hard on the staff. We have the equipment (wheelchairs, furniture, commodes, etc). It's the mental health issues that are often ignored in this patient population.


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Well... good for you. This is a very important patient population that deserves nurses who care. I work at a Bariatric Center of Excellence, and I couldn't agree more with the previous reply.

The physical demands are arduous. These are very very heavy patients who are basically helpless. The lack of control over their own body leaves them anxious and scared. So, not only will you have to demand of yourself physically, but emotionally as well.

Just remember the demands, start working out. I honestly believe that you have to love and care for each one of these patients with an open heart and mind.

Good Luck. Study hard.


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Not something your hear every day. That is really awesome that you are interested in this field and the patients will probably be more than happy to have you as their nurse. I don't know much about the field, so no advice there. But I will say that, you will find your area of interest during clinicals. You will work with so many different patients all having very different problems. I found that there were some areas, i.e., mental health that I really thought I would love to be the complete opposite. Congrats on starting nursing school! And Good Luck

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Hello. Good for you that you are interested in the fairly new bariatric field of health care. Regarding your question of "anyone in this field", I worked with a few bariatric surgery patients who were gradually added to my cardiac surgery floor. Prior to the plan to start admitting these patients, good inservice education about pre-op and post-op care of stomach lap band procedure patients was provided for nurses by the involved surgeons and by their own private practice nurse. Though care of bariatric surgery patients was very interesting nursing work, I agree with the writer who said that the "physical demands of nursing care of very heavy patients are arduous". Best wishes!