Baptist Health Fall 2020 Nurse Residency (South Florida)


Did anyone apply to Baptist Health's Nurse Residency Program?? The application was only open for like a week.. I applied about a week ago as soon as I saw it! I believe they said the start date was September 28th.

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I applied as well! I was so happy when I saw the application open.. residency programs from other hospitals have been on hold because of COVID19.

Same! It's been a struggle. Hopefully we hear great news soon, I'll keep you updated if I hear anything

Hi, I applied too, I hope we hear back from them soon!

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Has anyone heard anything back in regards to the program? I’m an external candidate

Nothing yet.. my status changed from applied to complete on the 28th but that's it

No, just Baptist and JMH.. waiting to see if Nicklaus children's hospital is going to open up their program too. What about you

They opened a Residency program for JMH?

I've applied everywhere, I don’t even get a phone interview. Currently I sent applications to UM, palmetto, coral gables but have been rejected.

oh as for nicklaus it’s supposed to open 8/17 I believe BUT it’s only for internal applicants! I emailed the coordinator but she hasn’t responded. I’ll call tomorrow and let you know what she says

Applications and Deadlines

Applications will be accepted August 17-23, 2020 for the September 27, 2020 hire date.

Only internal applicants (current employees) will be accepted.

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Just checked and its open: New Graduate RN (COVID Crisis) – ICU & Med/Surg

Please let me know what they say