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I'm trying to transfer to Baptist sometime in the making. I was wondering about this HOBET exam. How is it and what is on it? Anyone go to Baptist College of Health Science in Memphis? How is the staff and the program? Also do anyone know if I'll be able to transfer my Intermediate Algebra for College Algebra credit?

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hi. i am an lvn who is trying to move on for my RN. need to get away from texas and have only found two baptist healthcare schools. one in little rock, and one in san antonio. i saw you said there is one in memphis. can you tell me of any others, or do you know how i can find them online. they have the exact program i want, i just dont know where to begin!! thanks!

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I am new to allnurses, but I will be starting at BCHS in two weeks. The HOBET exam is a timed exam that covers math and reading. There are study guides available for the exam. I don't think that BCHS will take any math less college algebra so you'll probably have to take college algebra. Good luck!


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I am a senior at Baptist College of Health Sciences. I am scheduled to graduate on 12/14/06. In my opinion the program is great. PM me if you need more info.


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I'm in my first trimester at Baptist right now!!! The Hoebet was the easiest test I ever took it my life, so far, I'm a little discouraged by all the prereqs I"ve gotta take, I already have a BS, lemme know how it goes for you!!

I am starting the nursing program at Baptist in September, and I as well am a little dicouraged about all the pre-reqs. But the HOBET test was very easy- just basic math and reading. And to pass it you only have to get a 60 on both parts I believe. It was super easy with a little review. Good Luck.


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Is the Baptist Nights and Weekends program 3 years. i received their packet and it looks like it is only 3 years. I am applying for Fall of 2008 program and was just wondering thanks.



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Can somebody please tell me how hard the HOBET Exam is? I am trying to get into Baptist College and I was told today that this test was apart of the addmission process. What does this test consists of?

As everyone has said the HOBET is extremely easy to pass. A little review might be required. And 60 on both parts is all that is required.

After having taken the NLN, I will say the HOBET is a cake walk. lol:typing


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Baptist is a good school. If you are male that is good. They like male students. They have special male call days and all that. My school choices were down to the U of M nursing and Baptist. I decided on the U of M because It was a little closer and I wouldn't have to fool with taking the hobet.

I'm in Baptist NS right now, but i've come to the decision to transfer out of the program.


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never mind, I found my answer on another thread

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