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Banner Fellows March Cohort


I was just accepted into the March Cohort 2010, for Banner Fellows. Anyone else starting this cohort? I can't wait to get started!!! :wink2: Also, if there is anyone else in the program right now- Can you give us any advice on what to expect. How many days of class and clinicals? Just wondering, I am personally ready to eat, breathe and live nursing, LOL!

Oh no worries you will be digesting nursing constantly. Which campus are you going to? I really LOVE Gateway the instructors are AWESOME and seem very helpful in getting you through the program as long as you want it and really work for it. we are starting clinicals Dec. 2. We currently go to classes 4 days a week with Fridays off (but your program maybe different!!) We read a ton as well, but Banner does provide you with lots of books to review and study from on top of your regular textbooks. Get yourself 2-3 notebooks if you go to Gateway with a few dividers for each one and if you have a small laptop bring it...most of our texts can be downloaded to the laptop and read from and reviewed in class (much lighter than 2-3 textbooks.)

Congratulations and good luck!

Thanks for the info! I too will be attending Gateway!!! If I have any more questions I will know who to ask. Glad to hear the instructors and college are so great! I can't wait to get started!!! : )

PM Me any time!!! I may see you in the halls in March! Congrats again!


I don't think I have the ability to PM yet, (not enough post). I just thought of a few questions for you, and I will probably have more very soon, LOL! I know Banner will finance books and tuition cost. The question is do they help finance supplies, like scrubs, stethoscopes, ect.? Should I look into buying these items ahead of time? Also are there specific scrubs to buy? I know they address this in the welcome packet, but I am too excited to wait!!!! I doubt we will hear anything now until the end of Febuary. :lol2:

you will hear very little until right before your orientation, about a month to 3 weeks before i received my packet. you will purchase uniforms for yourself all of maricopa county colleges are caribbean blue tops and bottoms with the mccd logo and all white shoes (they can have a little color for logos but they should be almost completely white.) there are a variety of styles that are approved and they suggest going to all-pro uniforms on university just east of 143, you get a discount with your student id. one classmate bought her scrubs on craigslist and goodwill. don't buy anything as far as stethoscope and "nurse stuff" until after orientation. do buy 3 large 3-ring binders with a few tabs, paper, black pens, a sturdy backback or rolling bag (i also bought a 3 hole punch that fits into my binder and a stapler plus several highlighters.) i would also suggest a plastic badgeholder for your fingerprint and cpr card and a gait belt when you pick up your uniforms (if you buy new ones.)

about a week before orientation go to the school and get your gwcc id (if you don't have one already,) parking permit(s) and books (you will be borrowing the dollie to get them to your car,) and go find your classroom if you haven't been on campus before. day of orientation will take up most of the time slotted. know your id #'s and log-ins for meid/blockboard/googlemail as well as student id #.

have you completed your vaccinations? you can always do that right now be sure you get a 2-step tb test that takes just over two weeks to complete. i think that is about it.


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I was just accepted into the March Cohort 2010, for Banner Fellows. Anyone else starting this cohort? I can't wait to get started!!! :wink2: Also, if there is anyone else in the program right now- Can you give us any advice on what to expect. How many days of class and clinicals? Just wondering, I am personally ready to eat, breathe and live nursing, LOL!

hey, im just a very interested nursing student. i was wondering about your acceptance into the program, what gpa and net test scores did u get to be considered, and what kind of questions did they ask at the interview and what are the program schudule during the day like i heard they have a accelerated program?? im trying to go for july cohort so i want to be ready and get the appropriate test scores, and my schudule with work.

thank u very much

Congrats!!! I was also accepted into the March cohort at Gateway!! In the email they said we would be getting information in the mail in a week or two, have you gotten anything yet? Do you have any info on when we will be getting it?

New at this, so I am not sure if I am posting a repeat. Congrats to you! I was also accepted into the March cohort at Gateway :yeah:. Has anyone else who will be starting in March gotten any information sent to them? I know the email said we would be getting something within a week or two, but I still haven't gotten anything. Guess I am just excited to hear any new information and am very impatient!!

Congrats to you too Cswan!!! I received a packet in the mail Nov. 24'th. You should have received a packet with a contract to sign for Banner paying your tuition. Also it allows them access to your grades and progress at Gateway. If you haven't received this yet, I would contact them. It may have been misplaced in the mail. Don't panic, I read a post from a previous cohort where this happened. They contacted the person to see if they were still interested. Just call and let them know you haven't received it yet, they'll send you a new one. We will not hear anything else until later, maybe Febuary. I am soooo excited!!! Wish we didn't have to wait to get started!

Thanks Sazzygrl! I actually called yesterday and they did send it to the wrong address, she just wrote the address wrong, phew!! I can't wait either!!! Thanks again for the information.

Hey Cswan, I just received a letter from Gateway last week for placement. It said they will be mailing packets out in a few weeks. Whoopee! Now it finally feels real, I can't wait to get started, The countdown has begun, Two Months and Two Days!!!

Hey Sazzygrl! Got my letter too...can't wait to hear all the new info on orientation and schedules. I agree it is finally starting to feel real now! By the way, do you happen to live in the west valley? I am in the west valley and am hoping there will be others...for carpooling or studying ;)

I live in the west valley too, so carpooling and getting together to study would be great! Hopefully we can find others from the west valley at orientation.

Quick question for OCD Mom, We have orientation March 1, and I was wondering how we should dress. Are slacks more appropriate than jeans? Also should we bring all of our textbooks? Probably silly questions, but I am really excited and want to continue to make a good impression. How are clinicals so far? Thanks again for all the advice, :)

I dressed fairly casual. You will be sitting the entire time meeting with instructors, advisor others from Banner. Definitely don't go looking like a slob but comfortable enough to sit in a hard chair at a desk all day! :D Be prepared for your drug test to be administered sometime that week. You will want to get your Student ID too and have, most if not all of your immunization stuff ready to turn in as well (be sure you got your 2 Step TB test, my doc screwed that up for me.) You won't need your text books but do bring something to write with and write on - Black ink is what you should get used to using. You will get lots of papers to sort through as well so I file folder is provided but I brought my own that day.

We finished clinicals a couple of weeks ago, I have my last final for Block 1 tomorrow...I hope I studied enough to keep my 'A'. I am going to Good Sam next block for my clinical rotation.

To get through this program I will suggest that you read ahead as much of possible and watch the videos and stuff they provide you links to for your preclinical stuff which that is all you do the first couple of weeks. Always read and be ready to participate in class, during you lab time PRACTICE LOTS it will honestly help you get through your practicums feeling secure as well as in clinical too, never read into questions on the exams (what you are given is all you know,) also get to know your classmates you can really help each other out. Enjoy this gift you have been given - it is a lot of work but a real privelge and a wonderful opportunity....

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Congrats to everyone who has gotten accepted! That is so exciting! I have a question though, for everyone who has been accepted, there has been a lot of rumors about Banner is either cancelling their whole program, or they are doing some major reconstruction...!!! Has anyone heard this? And if so, can you shed some light on what you've heard? I was hoping to get into Banner within this year...

Basically Banner is scaling down the program with fewer and smaller cohorts to equal the number of jobs opening up. I believe there will only be 1 group of 30 at a time with the program with most centered at Gateway. That is how our instructor/advisor explained it to us.