Bands- what does it mean?


Hi nurses! Just curious, in the UK nurses apparently are categorised by "bands"? As seen in job-ads, for example: "Nurse Band 5 required for position..." Is there a document that standardises exacly what skills you require to be of a certain "band"? Or is it just depending on work experience, number of years in the profession?

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Bands is just the pay scale level that nurses meet, band 5 is the starting point for newly qualified nurses. Try looking for RCN pay scale

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Google agenda for change, these are the terms and conditions and pay scale for NHS workers in the UK


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to add to what silverdragon said , job descriptions across the NHS are bended by scoring the job requirement against levels in 13 domains , this creates a point score , points mean prizes, the higher your score the higher the band you are in


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Oh wow. I saw the title on this thread and thought you were talking about the white blood cell count differential. As in "bands and stabs." Silly me.