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Hi again Board!,

Just moved to Columbia,MD and am planning on attending Howard co. community college for prerequisites.

I'm still torn between ADN or BSN, but that's an acceptable alternative to being torn between Retail Mgr or Coffee Sales;-)

I just wondered if there were any other students or mentors in the area so I would have some email buddies for chat or advice.

I'm currently working on The Anatomy Coloringbook by The Princeton Review. it's NOTHING like the scant detail I had in Resp. school some years back.:o

I'm going to be taking A&P I this fall then get a full schedule the next semester. The out of state rates are astronomical:eek: . I Need to be a resident for 6mos to get the lower rates.

I guess I just need some nursing contacts since most people are not capable of relating on a scientific level.

Statistically I'm your stereotypical second career(actually more like 10th or 11th career) nursing student, but I promise not to whine about moot topics. I work to be thoughtful in my responses, and by the way, I'm not one of THOSE PEOPLE that NEVER answers thier email.


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Hi Peeps!

I am just a tad south of you in Calvert county, MD, about an hour or so from DC. I'm in an ADN program (currently taking communication/soc during the summer, start the nursing part of it in the fall) at a community college here... and I'm an A&P survivor. I'd be more than happy to chat with you. :rolleyes:

Where are you from? What did you do before?

Hope to talk to you soon.

Take care,



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I'm in Leesburg, VA -- about 30 or so miles west of DC. I'm currently taking my prereq's at Nova...... I'd like to get my ADN at Nova then work as a nurse while I get my BSN at GMU......

I wanted to say hi to the other DC Metro area students!! :)

--zannie :)


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Hey Zannie!

I'm on the allstudentnurses email list with you as well..... I didn't know you were so close! I'm getting my adn at college of so md, and then I'm going to work on getting my bsn from univ of MD.


Take care,



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Ms Purp......

Oh that's so great. :) Which UMD campus? My husband went to University of Md College Park......... All of my inlaws live in the College Park/Adelphi/Hyattsville area..... :)



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I will be going to the University of South Florida to do my prerequisites for nursing college, What do I do after nursing college? I will get my BSN but I want to remain in the US and work. What is the procedure?

Do I have to go to a nursing college to get my BSN? Because it is a bit expensive at the university but I am planning to work on campus. Will this lessen my tuition?

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