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Still looking for work in NC. Have had some interesting experiences, answer add, told one thing on phone, show up and given a totally different description of job. Some are "unbelieveable" and they smile and say $18.00/hr, no benefits. Need some really good info from you working nurses, is this the usual case? These are agencies. Am getting the last of papers together for hospital positions. Feel like the old bait and switch routine is used for lots of these companies.. Any good ones down there?


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When I work with agencies, I get cancelled a lot. Sometimes it is better to just join Hospital's pool, so they call you first before they call an agency. Are you an RN or an LPN?

Thanks Barb. RN, 20+ years experience. Can put a tube anywhere. LOL. Beginning to think age is playing a big role. Can and do work rings around some of the younger nurses I have had contact with over last 3 years. Just need to get down there for daughter. Messy domestic situation.


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18.00/hr with no benefits!!!:eek: Where in NC are you looking? That's a joke of quote for an RN with 20 years. I know that Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem pays 40 bucks/hr for their supplemental staffing pool for an RN with your experience. A nurse I work with is in the pool and she makes 35/hr with just 3 years experience. They seem to be extremely flexible and you can work 4 hour shifts if you prefer. The committment is only 16 hrs a month.

I work at Baptist and we do not hire agency nurses. Base pay starts at $18.10/hr for new grads and goes up from there based on experience.


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Hospitals in Raleigh:

WakeMed (trauma center, teaching hospital)

Rex Healthcare (a UNC Hospital)

Raleigh Community Hospital (owned by Duke)

Hospital in Cary: Western Wake Hospital (part of WakeMed)

Hospitals in Durham:

Duke University Medical Center

Durham Regional Medical Center

Durham VA

Hospital in Chapel Hill: UNC

Thank you for the info but I really need to be in the Greensboro area for daughter. I just can't believe some of the things I have been told by some of the agencies. I am not going to mess with any of them. Have a good day and thanks agin for taking your time to try and help.

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Cannot remember who posted about Baptist and Forsyth, but you should consider there. Winston Salem is only about 30 minutes west on Greensboro. Not sure how the job market in Greensboro is though. Good luck! -Andrea


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Moses Cone in Greensboro ( has a whole long list of RN openings on their web site.

I work at Forsyth in Winston-Salem. I work the 12 hour shifts and do the drive from Greensboro 3 nights one week, 4 nights the other week. Some people drive from farther than I do. The web site there is

Hope that helps.



Yes, I have decided to only look at the hospitals when I go back next week. Forsythe and Cone are on the top of my list. I was just so surprised at the way some of those agencies LIED. I would not even think of working for some of them now.

I hope I do not have to do straight nights, I am not good with them, but I know I will have to "suck it up" for awhile being the new kid on the block.

What unit do you work? What is the patient/nurse ratio?

I admit making this change is a little scary but I think I can do it. I have to do it my daughter and grandchildren need some support and assistance.

Have a good day and be safe on that trip to and from work.

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