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I think you grow alot once your out of high school and you can do anything you put your mind too. I would not let a high school record deter me from nursing school! NOr would I let age. Heck I am 45 and just got my BS. I will be 46 or 47 before I get my Masters............



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That is why it is nice to be in America! I say that because, like many of us we had a rough start we didn't always make the grade and sooner or later one must grow up. I didn't have the bomb grades in highschool when I went to a JC my grade point average was 3.0. I knew I wasn't stupid it was being immature not realizing how important good grades are. However we are a forgiving nation. If one applies him/herself you can achieve anything you want and realize that you had it all along. Don't let it get you down just move onward and make the best of it. You will be suprised how you had it all along.

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