Bad Credit, Private Student Loan needed

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I just got accepted into the ABSN program at University of Saint Thomas, Houston TX.

Financial aid covers very little and I am now stuck with having to raise about $45k for the one-year program.

I have a very bad credit and there is no one to co-sign for me.

Please does anyone know if and where I can still get a private loan?


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Pay off your tuition as you go through your stated college foundation program and stretching to a regular paced BSN as accelerated  

Talk to your schools FAFSA rep for government loans. 

Get your ADN  

Join the military 


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Thank you for the advice. I'd look into those options


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Going through the same situation at the same school btw, thinking about just paying as I go through the semester. 

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Fight professionally.  Who knows, you might be really good make a lot more money.  


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Have you looked into scholarships for nursing students.

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