does a bad check ruin my chances?

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I'm a 32 year old Marine vet that has been accepted into Chamberlain College of nursing....until the background check revealed a bad check from 5 years ago. I was in between back to back deployments to Iraq and was unaware that I had even bounced a check until today. The school has told me that they are unable to move forward with my registration. I'm obviously freaking out and need a little advice. I plan on taking steps to resolve this issue first thing in the morning, but I'm worried that this one check for probably less than 20 dollars will ruin everything that I've worked for the last two years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Over a bad check 5 years ago? You gotta be kidding me. I was arrested the weekend before school started and they let me continue with school ( misdemeanor that was later dropped ) but still come on. I feel for you if they are holding you up over that.

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Were there criminal charges brought against you? If not, I am not sure how the school can support that decision. Check with your state’s nursing practice act. It will provide a list of offenses that exclude anyone from obtaining a nursing license. A bad check? Don’t most retailers take people to small claims court for that?

I really hate this new trend of credit checks for employment and for school it seems even more out of place. If someone is broke and has financial trouble they are having the rug swept out from underneath them by policies like this. How the hell are you supposed to get ahead in life if you are denied education and jobs because you were broke? It makes no sense.

I don't think it is going to be a huge problem, but it is going to be expensive. I had to hire a lawyer to have the case dismissed. Once that happens, the alert on my background check will be removed according to the company that did the background check. I would have handled it 5 years ago if I had known about it. My command didn't know about it, and they always find out about bounced checks for some reason, and my bank still can't find any record of a bounced check from my account. Regardless a bad check wouldn't prevent me from obtaining a license, a history of writing bad checks would but that is not something I have. It seems like every school I've looked at has their own unique quirk in their admissions requirements. I think the credit checks are used by schools to verify previous addresses in background checks, although I agree that they shouldn't be used against people trying to better themselves after a rough patch especially in this economy

Did you ever get in ? I have something on my record from 16 years ago ? They accept you ? Any info will be appreciated !!

What about a misdemeanor DUI in CA 23 years ago. any thoughts

I got into the nursing program with something similar but it was deferred entry instead of misdemeanor. I spoke to Nevada BON and they said as long as I'm honest then I will be fine. It happened 16 years ago for me in California.

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