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I may or may not be in a Retail Theft Database..

Typically what kind of background checks have you undergone for jobs? I know there's finger printing, "regular" checks, credit checks.. As you may have guessed, I'm mostly concerned about retail database checks. Everything else is 'clear', except for this database (I really don't know if I'm in it). I'd appreciate if you could tell me your work setting as well (hospital, clinic, etc).

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For licensure.....ALL states BON run criminal history checks....if you have been arrested and that record has not been will show up


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I obtained my license without any problems. I've never been arrested or tried of anything- I'm just wondering if this database will show up for jobs? Do you have any idea about that?

You can try running a background check on yourself.

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I managed to secure two different RN jobs. There are different background check services out there. I came clean for my first job, because after reading the background check paperwork, it only looked for felony convictions in Wisconsin, while I only had misdemeanor charges there. Well after I got hired, they wanted to run my fingerprints because I was working with children. Holy crap, I almost had an anxiety attack! It was awful waiting to hear back if they would fire me, since my fingerprints were in the system. Well, I am still working at that job almost 2 years later.

A private investigator actually contacted me when I filled in the new employee paperwork. I pretty much just explained what happened and that was it. Really simple. I am also still working at that job. I work in a psychiatric setting and the other job is a hospital part of a large corporation.