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Actually, I already have a pretty good back support belt, but it's black and I would like to order a white one for my clinical uniforms. Unfortunately, a couple of the brands I like discontinued white versions.

I've found some other white back support belts, but the designs are weird. So I thought I would ask you guys for recommendations and see if they carry anything in beige or white.

Thanks in advance.



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I wouldn't wear one but would focus on strengthening your back instead.


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I wouldn't wear one but would focus on strengthening your back instead.

Well, I've always done that too ... exercises and such. But I have to wear a back support belt for some of my clincials at school. It's required by the school and, actually, the state for certain tasks.


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Lizz how far along in school are you? For some reason I thought you were finishing prereqs still. Are you starting Nursing classes soon?


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I'm no expert, but I really like the Posture S'port. I use this one because along with my low back and abs, it reminds me to keep my upper back/shoulders/neck in proper alignment...good total posture. I wear it over a light t shirt under my uni. You can find them for sale at some orthomedical supply stores ...I think they run about 35-40 bucks and well worth it IMO. If you do a search you will be able to see it online in several places. They come in white.

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