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Bachelor of Science w/low GPA need help w/school and degree


Hi everyone!

I hope that someone can help me! I graduated in public health with an emphasis in health administration. Since I was dealing with some problems in school and even though I did better in my major I ended up with a gpa lower than 2.5. Im in Southern California and would like to go ANOTHER BACHELORS or MASTERS program.

Not sure if I am better off re-taking my pre-reqs that schools need? I know some recommended doing an associates but im currently staffing nurses in LA county and I KNOW that it is harder to get a job. Any advice or NAMES OF SCHOOLS that you would recommend? thank you :nurse:

strawberryluv, BSN, RN

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A GPA of lower than 2.5 is REALLY low, I think if I were you I would reevaluate my potential to undergo a rigorous nursing school program. I don't know..thats what I would do. Its a huge deal in nursing to get atleast a B- average for your GPA, most schools from around NJ where I'm from are really competitive, they won't even let you apply unless you have atleast a 2.5 GPA and thats just applying. The real "considered" students are the ones that get that 3.4+ GPA. Are you sure you can compete with all these high achievers? I don't know why but the numbers tell me you are not willing to work hard but I could be wrong about your potential. Only you know your potential.

unfortunately had some personal problems that did get in the way with my school but once I was able to get out of that situation I did really well doing 3.21 in my major public health so I don't have a doubt in my mind about nursing and I did start off college in honors. but thanks tho.

any advice on a way to besides letters about my drop in GPA in college?

Before you repeat classes, make sure you find out the repeat policy of the schools you want to go to. Some places will allow you to repeat as many classes as you want to. Other schools may only allow limited repeats, so you can only replace 1 or 2 classes with a repeated grade and in other places repeats may really work against you.

Does your GPA include the pre-reqs for nursing? If not, then if you do really well in your nursing pre-reqs then you can improve your GPA

Maybe something you don't want to consider, but I have heard that some schools that are lottery based, are not as strict about GPA - I would imagine that you would still need to pull your GPA up, but I have heard people say that they have gotten into a lottery program with a 3.0 or 2.9. The drawback is that they were on a waiting list for a few years.

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I don't know if this was mentioned but if you DO find ABSN or MSN programs that accepts GPAs as low as yours, even if you repeat some of those classes, your degree's GPA is final. In your search try to find Nursing programs that only look at prerequisite GPAs only.

Maybe you can apply for an associates degree at a community college. Later on you can always do lvn-to-rn or direct entry masters program