B-1? B-2? or B1/B2? visa when entering for a scheduled job interview



I've searched past threads and have not found an answer to my query, hence the new thread. So please forgive me if I've somehow missed a response somewhere that does tackle this one....

I am an experienced Canadian RN who obtained a state nursing license and am working on my visascreen from CGFNS. Meanwhile I applied to an online job posting and have been invited for an interview. What class of B visa will this fall under? The B2 seems so complicated. I for sure won't work in the US at amytime if I'm not legally allowed to! I'm not even at the TN visa stage....simply crossing for an interview is my issue. Please help as the clock is ticking and after scouring gov't websites until the wee hours I'm still not certain what to do here.

Thank you!


p.s. Also, I am keenly aware that the economy in the US is trouble and jobs are disappearing left and right. But in the midst of these tumultuous times there still remains a nursing shortage. If I qualify and can help fill an empty post in the interim then I sure hope to do so.

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As a Canadian citizen you should be OK as long as you bring proof that you are returning home. I am from a country from a visa waiver and didn't need a visa to go and have my interview, although it was combined with my wedding and sitting NCLEX


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So is it ok to say you have an interview that was prearranged?

The advice I've been getting is so divergent. Some say to go on a B2 (personal) and don't bring any business paperwork with you at all. Some say bring everything and just say you aren't sure what category to tick. That of course is what I would naturally do.. I guess after months of preparations, studying, credential cehcks etc... It's a little scary to think that if you say the wrong thing now the dream could be stopped there on the spot. :S

p.s. Thank you for your reply Silverdragon! :)

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You do not need to go for the visa, you would be under the visa waiver as a Canadian. You just need to make sure that you return home after the interview.

You are permitted to come to the US for a visit, and that is all that you will be doing. Best of luck on your interview.

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If you're worried, take evidence that you will leave and go home (letter from employer, lease contract, mortgage documents etc).

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