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Aya vs. TNAA


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I got an offer from both Aya and TNAA (Travel Nurse Across America) for the same position. Can anyone recommend a particular one over the other? One of them seem to have a little better pay package (extra shift bonus, pay even if low censused), and claims to pay better than the other. However, the quoted take home pay is less than what I was verbally told, but I shouldn't take much heed because the tax rate on the quote is "conservative" (higher than my actual tax rate).

Both of the recruiters seem good and both of the companies seem to have decent reputations. Also, any pointers on how to turn one down gently?

Thanks in advance! First time traveler so any help would be much appreciated.

trackhead, APRN

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It's a bit odd that you had an offer for one job from two companies.

Turn one down gently? You're the boss, not the agency, that's how I look at that relationship. They need you more than you need them.

Do you have actual compensation details from both agencies? If so, you can use PanTravelers calculator to figure out who is paying the best real rate. If you only have take home pay quotes, that will make it almost impossible to figure out the truth.

Are these real offers post submission and interview? Or only prospective? A potential problem is that the first agency to submit you to a particular hospital "owns" you and you will not be able to use the other agency. One or both may have already submitted you. If both agencies submitted you, the hospital may just toss your profile as they don't want to get involved in a turf war.

Aya (formerly Access) has a poor rep with many travelers so everything else being equal, I would go with TNAA. If Aya is paying better, that is a negotiating point to bring up with TNAA. I don't see any reason to be tactful with Aya as there is no good reason I can see to work with them in the future.


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Thanks all! Yes unfortunately I suppose I did make the mistake of having both agencies submitted me. There was a bit of drama and both agencies are aware of it and I got the big finger wag from both. In the future, I'll know to find out what the preferred agency is for a hospital and then ask other agencies not to submit me. However, as a first timer, just asking both travel agencies that I'm interested in the same city ended me up here (I assumed you were supposed to do that so you can get the most competitive package!). In any case, I think the hospital hasn't tossed my profile out at the moment.

I have a good idea who submitted me first, so they don't understand why the other company can offer me anything at all. However, the other company is claiming they also submitted me (might be a day or 2 later), but perhaps they just stole it after I told them I got an interview.

Thanks again for the advice! I would definitely prefer to work with the better company instead of having to switch around all the time.