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I just got home from taking my TEAS was told I have a 75 average.This was enough to qualify to be considered.I would like to know realistically what my shot is.My scores were as followed Reading 90 Science 60 English 76 Math 73.Please somebody give me an honest answer.Thanks!

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Well I could tell you what is usually required around here but I need to know which version you took:3,4, or 5?


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I took version IV. This is the first semester my school has required it for entrance into the nursing program and there is not a set percentage you must make to be admitted. However, some of the other nursing programs around my area requires at least 80% for admissions and one school that I looked at would only allow you to take it twice. I do not like to admit it but I made a 70%. I froze on the very first section which was reading. My brain just locked up on me. It was weird. I pulled it back together for the rest of the test. I should've and could've done better.

Check with the schools you are applying and see what there TEAS requirements are. I found it on-line at the schools website.

I know a lot of people who did "average" on the TEAS so don't be too hard on yourself...really!


Thank you very much that was comforting :)

I took, what I am assuming is the Teas 4, the one just before this new one, and I got an 80 and got into NS twice! these are the minimuns for my school


MATH 60%




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I think my average was a 77. I got into the BSN.

Just depends how good everyone else does of your chance getting in.. if they go off a point system.

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like the other students said it all depends on the school..my school accept 53.3 in the teas IV..i would love your grade:).i didnt take the teas yet,not until september.