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Average pay?

by jk82 jk82 Member

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What is a typical hourly rate for a BSN prepared school nurse...this is a job with absolutely NO benefits?! I'm trying to negotiate an hourly rate. I know I will take a pay cut....I make $36 at the hospital with benefits...I just can't go down to $25/hr and pay for daycare!

SwampCat, BSN

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I did a clinical rotation at a high school in an affluent northern CT community (high school population of apprx 900 students). The school nurse there was a BSN prepared nurse with 15+ years of home health experience. She had been the RN for the high school for a few years and just this year crested $40k.

Sad, really.


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Ugh! I just don't understand why school nurses are not paid fairly for their experience and degree....at least provided benefits would be nice., but Not even a paid personal/ sick day!

Nurse ABC

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Around here it was $2 less an hour to sub without benefits as a brand new grad nurse in the hospital. So our new grads start off at $24 and it was $22/hr.

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It depends on where you are located, at least in my State it does. I make more than School Nurses 2 hours away from me in a major metropolitan area because there are fewer BSN nurses in my area and there's usually one per District. Most School Nurses can make a really great wage if they have their Master's and/or live in a more rural area like myself. But again, it varies from District to District.


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They have agreed to $30 which isn't too bad considering the offer was $25. Still no benefits. I just have to get back with them with a final answer. I don't know why to do! There aren't many school nurse jobs in my area so I feel like I should grab if while I can! I'm just worried about no benefits and no time off...what do I do when I need a day off for my own kids?! Also do you do per diem to pick up hours over breaks and summer? Since it's hourly there would be no pay during those times. Do I take it or leave it?!!


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I guess it would depend on how much you need the benefits. If you provide the health insurance for your kids, then it's probably not worth it. If you have a spouse who covers them, it's a good hourly rate. Not sure what part of the country you are in but I know of a PT job @ 17.50/hr in Indiana. Another FT is posted at 18.86/hr.

$30 is looking really good, lol.