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auxiliary nurse/registered nurse education questions



I have been trying to find information about the specific qualifications needed to become an auxiliary nurse. I am a US citizen with double nationality in Portugal, and I am currently studying nursing pre requisites here in the States.

I want to move to the UK, but I was thinking about finished my associates degree in nursing here first (I realize you need a bachelors in the UK, but I want to study my bachelors there). I was wondering, if anyone knows if a US associates degree would qualify me for registry on the NMC as an auxiliary nurse? The equivalent here, certified nurse aides, do not need a degree, you just take a certification course that is around 130 hours.

As far as general education credits go in the UK, what courses besides your nursing classes do you take? For this year, I am taking English, Intro Sociology, Intro Psych, Developmental Psych, Math Statistics, Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Medical Microbiology. I plan on taking General Chemistry as well. I have heard your courses are much more specific, but it would be great to here some inside information of the structure of the curriculum!

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Auxillary nurses are not currently registered with the NMC. NMC is concerned with qualified Registered nurses or Midwives. Finding a university that accepts International students due to the way nurse training is funded will be hard. Doesn't matter if you are from within the EU most universities require a residency of 3 years before having to pay forgo International fees.

To check requirements the best thing is to look at what the university in the town/city you plan on studying in has on their website. Generally found under Health studies or Human science.




Yes, that is why I would like to work as an auxiliary nurse first, until I met the residency requirements to get onto a course in the UK. I feel it would be better in the long run to get settled first, and then apply. I want to stay in the UK permanently.


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To work as an auxiliary nurse look at the NHS jobs website for jobs in your area and just apply. They are called health care support workers in the UK

NHS Jobs

Pay is sooooo low here in UK compared to US and Australia, You may wanna find out that too before coming, if it does not matter,,It would be good.

Thanks kameera, I did some research before posting :) My current job pays about what I would make as an auxiliary nurse in the UK; I'm great with budgeting, so I do well with what I make. I'm not really in it to make alot of money though; I want to enter the profession to help others, and I've always loved and wanted to move to the UK :)