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Australian Nursing Mags...

ruthiebaby88 ruthiebaby88 (Member)

Hi all! I'm getting ready to go back to work in Oz (I'm American) and would like to refresh my brain having just come back from an extended holiday overseas. What are the best nursing magazines over here to get me thinking in medical mode again? I work med/surg and would like something fairly general and with a focus to being useful on a daily basis - not reading 10 pages of research on a single topic but the short but sweet latest and greatest what's going on in medicine.

At home I read the Nursing2005 series.

I thought there was one called AJN - Australian Journal of Nursing that was meant to be good but I can't find it on the internet.

Also since I am a mobile nurse - do you know how one could go about purchasing nursing mags without getting a subscription? I haven't been able to find them in any of the newsagents or book stores I have tried.

Thanks for your help.

Grace Oz

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Don't think you can buy them in newsagents. I think you need to be a member of the ANF ( Aust. Nursing Federation), in order to receive the ANJ mag.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Agreed with Grace - it is comes with membership of the AJN.


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The ANJ contains nursing-related news and politics, articles of interest, updates on clinical practice, personal experiences, projects and union news. You can subscribe to the ANJ without being a member (http://www.anf.org.au/pubs_anj/pubs_anj_subscribe.html).

It sounds, though, that you might have been thinking of the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing:"The AJAN is a quarterly refereed research journal that publishes original research and scholarly work that contributes to the development and understanding of all aspects of nursing." (http://www.anf.org.au/pubs_ajan/pubs_ajan_subscribe.html)

In addition, the Royal College of nursing Australia publishes "Collegian", a quarterly magazine that is "Australia's most dynamic influential nursing journal read by professional nurses within Australia and overseas, Collegian promotes current research, debate on topical issues, and awareness of current developments and innovations in the nursing and health fields." Available free to members, it's also available by subscription to non-members (http://www.rcna.org.au/content/subscription_for_collegian.pdf)

Hope this helps :)

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